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Find the best deals from all over the web on military style jackets along with who is wearing them and the history of these classic military style jackets and clothing.

Military Style Jackets for Women

Women's Military Style Jacket

Normally when we think of a military style jacket we think of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator, teeth clenched, machine gun rattling away cutting down everything in sight. However military style jackets aren't just for gun toting men or lead singers of indie rock bands, this classic style has caught on with high end fashion turning out ...

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Bad Asses in Military Style Jackets


You don't need to be a Bad Ass to look great in a military style jacket but here are 3 guys that most definitely do.   Both, kick the crap out of most everyone they come across and look good doing it. These guys make the Marlboro Man look like a pre-schooler so if you ...

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Why are Military Style Jackets So Popular?

Jon Lennon Military Style Jacket

With how fickle styles can be, seldom is there something that lasts more than a blink. Like Kim Kardashian's marriage most styles are here one day and gone the next but what makes the military style jackets stick around? Why can we see images of Jon Lennon wearing one in back in the 70's and ...

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