Bad Asses in Military Style Jackets

You don’t need to be a Bad Ass to look great in a military style jacket but here are 3 guys that most definitely do.   Both, kick the crap out of most everyone they come across and look good doing it. These guys make the Marlboro Man look like a pre-schooler so if you like non-apologetic violence with military swagger keep on reading.


John J. Rambo kicks the hell out of a bunch of overbearing cops in this classic 1980′s action flick that started the series. Rambo sports a vintage M65 Field Jacket at the start of the film but unfortunately loses it and is forced to kick ass in nothing but a classic “wife beater”, jeans, and a tarp.

The Terminator

The Terminator in a Military Style Jacket

Who could forget the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger killing everything in sight as an unstoppable cyborg from the future. This movie really put Arnold on the map and he will forever be remembered as total bad ass. Arnold and Kyle Reese (the good guy) come from the future naked and both end up steeling military jackets to update their style.

Boondock Saints

Boondock Saints in Pea Coats

This cult classic has two brothers on a Godly mission to rid the world of all evil in South Boston. This a love it or hate it type of movie and I loved it, it has just the right mix of humor and gunfights (more gunfights) to make for a great evening on the couch.

The brothers have matching tattoos as well as matching Pea Coats creating that South Boston look. The icing on the cake is Billy Connolly who is the demented father of the two brothers and twice the Bad Ass.

Well there you have it, the Top 3 Bad Asses in military style jackets, if you have some you think should be on the list add them to the comments below and we will see if they make the cut.

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