M65 Field Jacket

One of the most popular and recognized military style jackets is the M65 Field Jacket. Created by Alpha industries it was released in 1965 to replace the M-1951 field jacket and served U.S. troops during the Vietnam and Korean Wars.

The M65 Jacket almost defines military style with it’s functional mid-length design it has 4 front pockets and 2 side pockets at arms length. All pockets have button or snap flaps to secure the contents which gives this jacket the classic military look along with it’s shoulder epauletts.

M65 Field Jacket

Originally released in only one color (olive green) today you can find the M65 Jacket in just about any color you can imagine, from standard black and tan to pink camo if you really want to be noticed.

Made of both wind and water resistant cotton-nylon this jacket is as at home on a windy mountain side as it is on the street. The double flap front and hook-and-loop wrist closures keep the elements at bay and if the weather gets really bad you can cover up even more with the hood hidden in the collar or add the optional liner built for extreme cold.

M65 JacketThe M65 Field Jacket has not only stood the test of time for the U.S. Military but it has found it’s way out of the fox hole into the closets of school kids, musicians, and movie stars. Super cool Ryan Reynolds sported an olive green m65 jacket as he fell in love with his boss Sandra Bullock in the Proposal and Leonard Hofstadter from the Big Bang Theory seems to have one in every color that he always wears over a zip up hoodie.

It doesn’t matter if you are a movie hunk, experimental physicist, or just want a great jacket the M65 can do it all. With a timeless look, comfort and reliability that has been proven to last all over the world the M65 Field Jacket is a great choice.

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