Military Coats

When we think about military coats and parkas the first thing that comes to mind are full blown “built for the arctic” parkas with the fur lined hood, large pockets and buttons to allow easy use even with gloves or mittens. The most classic of these military coats are the “snorkel parkas” named from the look the hood had when fully closed.

Military Coats

Back in the 1950′s military aircraft weren’t exactly built for luxury, with external temperatures dropping below -40 degrees F the pilots needed everything they could to keep warm. The U.S. Military developed the now classic N-3B and N-2B parkas which were designed for use down to -60 degrees F for Air Force flight crews stationed in cold climates.

The N-3B military coat was a 3/4 length parka with a full attached hood, nylon outer shell and either a wool or polyester lining. With all the same features the N-2B came in waist-length and the hood split down the center for laying flat while attached or could be removed all together. With their classic look and fully functional design these military coats have been the inspiration of almost all current parka designs including top end retailers like Columbia and North Face.

Eminem in military coatNow you can see these stylish coats on the streets and in music videos. Their gritty look and functionality make them popular with the Hip Hop crowd as well as Alliterative musicians. However you don’t need to be famous to look the part, the civilian market has been flooded with military style parkas (in just about any color you want) or if you want the “real deal” military surplus stores can often get you the real deal.

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