Why are Military Style Jackets So Popular?

With how fickle styles can be, seldom is there something that lasts more than a blink. Like Kim Kardashian’s marriage most styles are here one day and gone the next but what makes the military style jackets stick around? Why can we see images of Jon Lennon wearing one in back in the 70′s and still see the same style today?┬áThe reason the military style has endured is for three main reasons cost, function, and diversity of style.

Jon Lennon Military Style Jacket


Even though today you can spend an enormous amount on a military style jacket (a Balmain Military Jacket can sell for over $3,000) you can still get a really nice jacket in the $50 – $150 range if you shop around. One of the best places to find some cool vintage jackets is at the local Military Surplus or second hand stores. The last jacket I bought was at a garage sale for $10.


There is no doubt military clothing was built for function and durability. Heavy that heavy canvas of the old school M65 Field Jacket is just about bullet proof, and the wool navy pea coats will be around long after the rest of us are gone. These jackets can last a lifetime even with hard use.

Also when it comes to a jacket to actually keep you warm not just make you look good (crazy I know) you will be hard pressed to find coats that will out perform military style jackets especially for the money. If you want to really see some outerwear on a mission check out the ECWCS Clothing System for the U.S. Military.

Diversity Of Style

When all else is said I think the diversity of military style jackets is the real reason they have been around so long. There is a jacket for any occasion or style. If you are a brooding teenager the M-65 is for you (I know that’s when I got mine), if you are out on the town in NYC maybe a Navy Pea Coat is more your style regardless you can find one that will fit you and your personality.

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