Pea Coats

There is no doubt one of the most popular military style jackets is the always stylish pea coat. The pea coat has been around the longest (over 300 years) of all the military jackets; first introduced by British sailors during the 18th century it was quickly adopted by most countries navy’s including the U.S.

Pea Coat

The pea coat has remained almost unchanged over all it’s years of service. With a double-breasted front adorned with 6 large buttons, large lapels and slash pockets this military coat has a classy, streamlined look that can be worn anywhere from a dinner party to the docks.

If functionality is more your concern these jackets are bullet proof. Made of coarse 22-32oz wool, this coat will keep you warm even when wet, and last a lifetime. The most common colors are dark blue or black but civilian retailers have introduced the pea coat in just about any color if you are looking for something with a bit more “pizzazz”.

Brad Pitt in a Pea CoatOther than a classic look and overall great functionality the thing that has made the pea coat a solid part of our generations style is it’s popularity with many movie stars and musicians. Almost everyday you can see pictures of Hollywood’s “A” list sporting a black pea coat with a hoodie or wool cap. Stars like Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling and Jonny Depp.

Women's Pea CoatDon’t think the guys have the corner on pea coat style; with the many of the top retailers getting on the band wagon, women can can find one in just about any color and a more fitted cut to accentuate your curves.

Bottom line if you are looking for a new jacket this fall check out a pea coat. It is a great all around coat that will keep you looking good (and warm) in any situation.

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